Course Details

The beautiful natural setting of our course provides you with a challenging yet picturesque journey through the 18-hole championship course.

Enjoy a drink & a snack on our deck located outside the Pro Shop. A perfect place to meet your mates prior to your game or relax after a day of play.

Par 65, 4420m, ACR 63 and NSW Golf Association rates us as a Group 3 course.

To book a round or to simply contact the Pro Shop call: (02) 9521 6279

Hole 1
Men Par 3 162M Rating 10/31
Ladies Par 3 158 M. Rating 11
Straight forward starting hole to sloping green. Stay below hole. Hazard at left rear.

Hole 2
Men Par 3 158m Rating 9/33
Ladies Par 3 148m Rating 15
Narrow target to two tiered green. Rocky bush terrain along upper right side. Don’t be long – steep incline at rear.

Hole 3
Men Par 4 317m Rating 7/25
Ladies Par 4 315m Rating 5
Slight dog leg right with hazard on right hand side. Elevated green. Stay below the hole.

Hole 4
Men Par 4 328m Rating 4/22
Ladies Par 4 322m Rating 6
Tee shot requires positioning on right hand side of fairway to allow clear shot to large undulating green. Hazard on right 40m from green. Bunkers on left of green.

Hole 5
Men Par 4 Men 351m Rating 8/21
Ladies Par 4 318m Rating 4
Dog leg right. Tee shot needs to be left top of slope for view of green. Steep hill on right hand side of fairway, with hazard at bottom of hill. Bunker at RH side of green.

Hole 6
Men Par 4 292m Rating 6/27
Ladies Par 4 290m Rating 7
Tee shot needs to be positioned for second shot through narrow uphill opening. Island of tall trees on RH side of upper fairway. OB to left and rear of green.

Hole 7
Men Par 4 279m Rating 17/26
Ladies Par 4 275m Rating 14
Short par 4 with slight dog leg right. Bushland and narrow hazard on left starting 130m from green. Slope on RH side.

Hole 8
Men Par 3 122m Rating 15/35
Ladies Par 3 122m Rating 18
Elevated tee to green sloping back to front. Hazards at rear and RH side. Bunkers left and right.

Hole 9
Men Par 3 125m Rating 16/34
Ladies Par 3 122m Rating 16
Slightly elevated tee shot across edge of hazard in front. Long narrow green with steep embankment on RH side.

Hole 10
Men Par 3 204m. Rating 2/23
Ladies Par 4 202m Rating 13
Long straight shot required from tee. Water hazard & OB to left. Tree lined rock face on RH side. Bunkers L & R of green.

Hole 11
Men Par 4 345m Rating 1/19
Ladies Par 4 335m Rating 1
Narrow fairway with hazard/OB on left. Fairway doglegs 90 degree after 150m marker for 2nd shot across creek .

Hole 12
Men Par 3 161m Rating 12/32
Ladies Par 3 160m Rating 10
Elevated tee. Water hazard on left and across fairway. Bunkers left, back left and right.

Hole 13
Men Par 5 Men 460m Rating 13/24
Ladies Par 5 441m Rating 3
Straight fairway with hazard/OB on left. Fairway bunker on right (about 180m). Bunkers at front of green and hazard behind.

Hole 14
Men Par 4 318m Rating 14/29
Ladies Par 4 331m Rating 8
Straight tree lined fairway. Long narrow green.

Hole 15
Men Par 4 301m Rating 11/30
Ladies Par 4 290m Rating 9
Tree lined fairway. Fairway bunker on right and left.. Bunkers to L & R of green.

Hole 16
Men Par 4 358m Rating 5/20
Ladies Par 4 351m Rating 2
Hazard/OB along left hand side. Fairway narrows to green with bunkers L & R.

Hole 17
Men Par 3 176m Rating 3/28
Ladies Par 3 162m Rating 12
OB left and tree lined on R. Big, double tiered green with bunkers front right and left.

Hole 17B
Par 3 Men 118m
Ladies Par 3 116m

Hole 18
Men Par 3 110m Rating 18/36
Ladies Par 3 110m Rating 17
Elevated tee to a long narrow green. Stay left – steep embankment on right.